Why Choose Oxbridge Solar?

About Us
Oxbridge Solar is part of Lloyd Davenport Limited, a company providing high quality services to blue-chip house builders and commercial developers since 1968. The company has an impressive track record for putting the customer first, from large commercial projects and residential developments to the highest quality special projects. The Company has the size, depth of experience, and the financial strength to support and fulfill all our contractual obligations.  When you choose Oxbridge Solar you benefit from our expertise, passion and customer commitment.


Our Passion
More energy lands on Earth from the Sun in one hour than we use in a whole year.  At Oxbridge Solar we are striving for a better future, a future where all our energy comes from renewable sources. We have had the technology for some time but now with the new Feed in Tariffs it makes good financial sense to join the green revolution. We want everyone to have the opportunity to take part in this win-win situation. Free power, money back for power generated even if you use it yourself, and - we're all helping to cut carbon emissions and reduce our impact on the environment.


Commitment to Quality
Oxbridge solar are accredited by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and our team is fully trained in solar photovoltaic systems, their design and installation. We are ISO 9001:2008 registered company showing our full commitment to customer care - each project is overseen by our quality assessors, enabling us to ensure every customer receives the level of service they expect.


Customer Confidence
Our success is underlined by a high level of repeat contracts. The importance attached to direct, personal service encourages customers to return to us, with our dedication to efficiency, quality and value for money. Our customers receive high-quality value added services as we build strong relationships with other trades and partnerships with major manufacturers.

Commitment to Service
In-house trained professionals efficiently manage projects using advanced techniques in forward planning and communications to ensure smooth operations. Cutting-edge systems enable us to closely track costs from concept to completion, for both materials and labour showing us where we can drive down the costs and in turn allow us pass on these benefits to our customers. The company’s experienced surveyors provide professional advice, including planning and design. Our close relationship with our customers continues after projects have completed.


Commitment to Health & Safety
The company prides itself on its health and safety at work ethic, which is strongly enforced by our Safety Officers. A Safety Director is responsible for maintaining the policy and assessing site specific risks.


Commitment to the Environment
The company seeks always to reduce materials and utilities wastage and actively recycles waste where possible. When sourcing materials we try to use those with the greenest credentials and we manage our labour to ensure they travel the minimum distance to your project.