Rental Properties

Turn your rooftops into cash machines
Use your property portfolio as an electricity generating station. Feed in tariff income has made solar PV a sound investment with returns of 8-10% and a payback period in the region of 10 years. Add solar PV to each rooftop and you can choose to pass the cash benefits on to your tenants making your proposal to them very attractive financially, or keep the cash.

Offer your tenants the chance to use renewable energy

Going green is not just for "the greens", we are all becoming more aware of our impact on the environment and giving prospective tenants the option of renewable energy could make the difference to your occupancy. If you are struggling to let a property in the current market, installing solar PV will make your proposition more attractive.

Increase the value of your portfolio
If you are worrying about your investment if you come to sell your properties – don’t. Estate Agents are becoming familiar with solar pv as a selling point and confirm that buyers will choose a home with solar PV over one without and that it will attract a premium price. Increasing media attention and public concern over environmental issues, notably climate change, has given rise to a growing appetite among consumers for more sustainable products and services. Make your property an attractive choice for people looking to buy or let a green home.