Earn money from feed in tariffs

Commercial buildings often offer a large roof space ideally suited to solar pv generation but solar PV panels can be incorporated into almost any building. The PV modules can be mounted on to roofs or facades or PV roof tiles can directly replace conventional roofing materials.
Since most commercial buildings are heavy energy users during the day but quiet at night, the majority of the building’s power needs can often be met by solar PV with little grid energy required at night. With feed-in tariffs paying for electricity generated even if it is used on site, this can be a great way to earn money and reduce the electricity bills for your business or your tenants.

Protect the environment

Increasing media attention and public concern over environmental issues, notably climate change, has given rise to a growing appetite among consumers for more sustainable products and services. Make your commercial property an attractive choice for businesses looking for green premises. The installation of solar PV shows commitment to sustainability and can help you to meet government targets for CO2 emissions and corporate social responsibility.

Assured electricity supply

In 2010 energy regulator,  Ofgem warned the nation to expect 20% electricity price hikes by 2020, and warned future supplies were in jeopardy, so a solar PV system expected to last over 25 years should pay for itself many times over whilst ensuring that your commercial property has an assured power supply.
We provide a complete service from planning guidance and technical design to installation by accredited engineers.


Secure energy supply No emissions No moving parts
Income from electricity generated No running costs Silent operation