Farming and Landowners

Solar PV for farmers
Farmers and land owners are often in a fortunate position having land available to site PV arrays situated in ideal locations to maximise electricity generated. Oxbridge Solar can design and install PV array mounting systems which can benefit from maximum sun hours thereby generating more electricity giving you maximum return on your investment. We can also assist you with obtaining the necessary planning permits for the type of systems you require.

Feed in Tariffs
With Feed-in Tariffs you will be paid for electricity generated whether you use it or not. This is a win-win situation guaranteed for 20 years. This may sound too good to be true but the government have committed to reducing the UKs carbon emissions and producing more energy from renewable such as solar and they need businesses to adopt systems like solar PV. That’s why the government have guaranteed premium payments for electricity generated by solar PV for 20 years. The government estimates that you will receive 7-10% return on your investment but acknowledge that this is a conservative figure since the feed in tariff will rise with inflation.

Save money, make money-
By installing solar PV you can join the energy revolution and become an electricity micro generator.  Before the introduction of government Feed-in Tariffs it took many years to payback the initial cost of solar PV – the technology was expensive and, other than grants, there was no real financial incentive to go green. But now many farmers can pay back their investment in less than 10 years.


Become a Solar Farm

There are a huge number of solar farms coming on line throughout the world, and not just in sunny California and Spain. In Germany where the climate it much like our own, there are solar farms supplying thousands of homes with electricity and turning sunlight into income for generators. If you would like to talk about generating much more than you need and becoming a solar farm, please call us to discuss.

Assured electricity supply 
In 2010 energy regulator, Ofgem warned the nation to expect 20% electricity price hikes by 2020, and warned future supplies were in jeopardy, so a solar PV system guaranteed 80% efficient after 25 years but expected to last  close to 50 years should pay for itself many times over whilst ensuring that your business has an assured power supply.

Protect your environment
Solar PV generates electricity with zero emissions. Zero – not even a whisper of sound. We use solar PV manufacturers who aim to manufacture panels in the most efficient way. The carbon footprint of the manufacture of your panels will be paid back many times by emissions savings over the lifetime of your system. Solar PV arrays installed over 45 years ago are still producing electricity today.

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Solar PV – a bright investment